Listen to Dorothy’s ‘What’s Coming to Me’ (Unplugged) from Monarch, Season 1, Ep. 11 – powerful and wild

LA-based rock band Dorothy’s ‘What’s Coming to Me(Unplugged) was that powerful and wild rock song playing on the season finale of Monarch this week.

The track played right at the beginning of the episode as Tripp is with the police rushing to arrest Albie at the concert, and as Albie is arrested — Monarch, Season 2, Episode 11, “The Last Dance“.

The song is a new one for the American band, only just being released in March of this year, and is an unplugged version of a non-album single the indie rock band released in 2021.

That single made it to #35 on the American Mainstream Rock chart.

It has also earned the band several million plays on streaming platforms.

Dorothy also released a music video of a live unplugged performance of ‘What’s Coming to Me‘.

A video that showed just a few seconds in that, when it comes to Dorothy lead singer Dorothy Martin, what you hear on a recorded album is exactly what you hear live — a phenomenal voice that needs zero manipulation to grab you hard.

So much so, I am amazed the video of the unplugged performance has not earned more views on YouTube than it has.

Listen to Dorothy’s ‘What’s Coming to Me’ (Unplugged) as heard on this week’s Monarch in that video, and on the Spotify player below.



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