Listen to Dreams We’ve Had’s ‘Perfectly Out of Place’ from Boo, Bitch opening scene Episode 8

Minneapolis-based indie pop band Dreams We’ve Had’s ‘Perfectly Out of Place‘ was that cool, somber song playing right at the beginning of the last episode of the Netflix comedy Boo, BitchBoo Bitch, Episode 8, “Bitch, Bye”.

The song was released in 2018 on the band’s self-released Everything and You album.

It is also the perfect song for that opening scene, as Erika remembers her fight and subsequent estrangement from her best friend Gia:

Take me back where I was your only friend
Well I was patiently waiting on your response
You’re perfectly out of place

Dreams We’ve Had, by the way, has been around for a while.

Their music being featured on Boo, Bitch though is one of the first times one of their songs has been featured on a hit show, although you may have heard ‘Perfectly Out of Place‘ also played on the South Side sitcom late last year.

The band comprises lead singer Bennett Blumberg, vocalist Kenzie Jansen, drummer Blake Graigner and guitarist Austin Blumberg and, if ‘Perfectly Out of Place

Listen to Dreams We’ve Had’s ‘Perfectly Out of Place‘ as played on Boo, Bitch in the song’s music video, and on the band’s Everything and You album.

Be warned, though, the gorgeously dreamy pop song is one of those that tends to echo round your head long after it stops playing.

So you may just find yourself listening to it again and again.


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