Listen to Dustin Tebbutt’s ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea’ from Station 19, S6 E15 – a gorgeously mellow folk rock track

Station 19 continues introducing its audience to before-unheard-music with the gorgeous ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea

The ABC drama Station 19 continued introducing cool music and musicians to a wider audience this week with the inclusion of Dustin Tebbutt’s ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea‘ on its latest episode — Station 19, Season 6, Episode 15, “What Are You Willing To Lose?”.

The gorgeously mellow and comforting-feeling folk rock track was played at the end of the episode as Theo tells Dean they will be having breakfast for dinner.

It continues as everyone arrives in the kitchen, and as Kate suddenly makes a surprise appearance.

The lovely track then plays out the episode.

Lyrics of Dustin Tebbutt’s ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea

The lyrics of ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea‘ are from the perspective of a man who is thanking the woman he loves for being there when he needed her, but also reminding her, now that she is going through similar problems, not to push him away as he will always be there for her. Just like she was for him:

It took a while but I’m breathing in
We’re out here doin’ our best
But there’s a boxer inside your ribcage
And he’s makin’ a mess

And now I’m holding you
And you’re holding me
When I’m holding you
We’re the quiet moon
And the wild sea

Dustin Tebbutt’s ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea‘ was released by the Australian indie folk rock singer songwriter in October, 2022.

It is one of almost a dozen singles the talented Aussie artist has released since 2013, when he first began recording music. He also has a full-length album out and five EPs.

Listen to Dustin Tebbutt’s ‘Quiet Moon, Wild Sea‘ as heard on last night’s Station 19 on the song’s mellow music video, and on the Spotify player.

You can hear more cool music from Station 19 here on Leo Sigh and, of course, watch Season 6 of Station 19 on ABC.


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