Listen to Eagle Rock Gospel Singers ‘Outta My Head’ from ‘Suits’

Listen to Eagle Rock Gospel Singers ‘Outta My Head‘ from ‘Suits

One of the best current TV shows for good music is the USA network’s ‘Suits. A show whose Music Supervisor chooses some spectacular music from artists most people will never have heard of.

Music like the Americana band The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, whose song ‘Outta My Head‘ was played on the latest episode of the show this week — Season 7, Episode 7, “Full Disclosure“.  A song that has more than a little bit of a 60s feel to it.

The track was played during a flashback sequence when Jessica puts Louis in charge of the associates, and Louis asks Dr. Lipschitz to become his psychiatrist.

Outta My Head‘ is from The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers’ debut album Heavenly Fire.

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The band themselves started out around seven years ago as a group of 15 friends getting together to sing old gospel songs. The group eventually whittled itself down to just the current five members, and their sound evolved over the next few years to its current mix of gospel, folk, rhythm and blues and indie rock.

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, aka Will Wadsworth (drums, vocals), Jeremy Horton (guitar, vocals), Kevin Collins (bass), Kim Garcia (vocals), and Andrea Chita (vocals), released their sophomore album in July.

Listen to the The Eagle Rock Gospel Singer’s track ‘Outta My Head‘ as heard on ‘Suits‘ in the video below. Now that’s a rocking song.

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