Listen to Eddie Kendricks’ ‘Go On With Your Bad Self’ from White House Plumbers E4 as Dorothy picks up the cash

Eddie Kendricks’ ‘Go On With Your Bad Self‘ did not only get a few seconds play on the latest episode of the HBO series White House Plumbers this week.

Instead almost the entire song was played on White House Plumbers, Episode 4, “The Writer’s Wife” during the scenes where Dorothy is traveling from place to place, in disguise (she thinks), and picking up bags and envelopes of cash to take home to give to Howard.

It is still playing as Howard and Dorothy are with their kids at the Jefferson Memorial on a “fun family outing”.

Eddie Kendricks’, by the way, may not be a particularly well-known name to you.

Unless one of your favorite music genres is Motown music.

His name may be familiar, however, once you know before he went solo Eddie Kendricks was a co-founder and long-time member of the legendary music group The Temptations.

After performing with the Motown group for 11 years, Kendricks left the group in 1971 to pursue a solo career.

That career led to the release of nine full-length studio albums in the 1970s, and a library of singles.

Eddie Kendricks’ ‘Go On With Your Bad Self‘ came out as one of the tracks from the singer’s album The Thin Man: The Motown Solo Albums, Vol. 2, which was released in 2006 almost 15 years after Kendricks died from lung cancer.

The song was not a Kendricks’ original though as it was a cover of a David Ruffin song. A song that was released in 1973 on Ruffin’s self-titled third studio album.

Ruffin, of course, being one of The Temptations’ lead singers.

The later version is not particularly easy to find, but you can listen to Eddie Kendrick’s ‘Go On With Your Bad Self‘ as heard on White House Plumbers on the Spotify player.

It is a much more “Motown-sounding” version of the song, but no less cool.

You can watch Episode 4 of White House Plumbers via Hulu and Disney Plus, on Amazon Prime Video and airing on HBO.

And, of course, listen to more songs from the White House Plumbers soundtrack here Leo Sigh.


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