Listen to Eddie Rabbitt’s ‘I Love a Rainy Night’ from ‘The Blacklist’, Classic, Iconic Country

Remember ‘I Love a Rainy Night‘, that classic track from country music singer Eddie Rabbitt? Well, it resurfaced this week on the soundtrack for the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 4, Episode 11, “The Harem”. It was played as Zach arrives at Red’s money laundering house.

I Love a Rainy Night‘ is the second single from Eddie Rabbitt’s 1980 album Horizon, and made it to the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts soon after.

As for Rabbitt, he had a very successful career for more than 30 years, before dying at the very young age of 56 in 1998 from lung cancer.

Listen to ‘I Love a Rainy Night‘ in the video below. It’s one of those songs you hear once and instantly never forget.

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