Listen to Eddie Vedder’s ‘The Dark’ from Shrinking, S1 E9 “Moving Forward”

Wow, wasn’t it a helluva good Shrinking show this week?

Not only for the fun episode, but also for the banging songs played on the episode’s soundtrack, Shrinking, Season 1, Episode 9, “Moving Forward“.

Songs that kicked off right from the first seconds of the episode when Eddie Vedder’s ‘The Dark‘ was playing as Jimmy and Steven head off to the Rose Bowl to scatter Steven’s mother’s ashes.

Eddie Vedder’s ‘The Dark‘ came out last year on the singer’s third solo album Earthling, but surprisingly wasn’t one of the four singles released from the album. (I say surprisingly as, to me, it is the standout song on the album).

An album that charted in 17 countries, but did especially well in the U.S. where it charted on three charts with a #1 spot on the Top Rock Albums chart, #2 on the Top Alternative Albums chart, and #29 on the Billboard 200.

As for Vedder, of course, he is the lead singer of iconic rock band Pearl Jam.

A singer who kicked off a solo career in 2007 when he released his debut solo album Into the Wild, as well as wrote several songs for the film of the same name.

Since then, Vedder has released four albums (one of them the soundtrack to the film Flag Day), an EP and a pretty decent library of singles.

Proving his talent wasn’t just contingent on being part of one of the world’s biggest rock bands, eh?

Listen to Eddie Vedder’s ‘The Dark‘ as heard on Shrinking this week in the song’s lyric video, and on the singer’s Earthling album.


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