Listen to Eden’s ‘Gravity’ — Heart-Grabbing and Soul-Encircling — Repeat Rotation Video

Eden, aka Jonathon Ng — copyright Sufyanxtreme — Creative Commons License

I’ve become more than a bit addicted to Eden — an Irish singer songwriter and electronic music producer I discovered on the Mr. Suicide Sheep channel, and one who is becoming known for a voice that just rips you apart, and for music that is devastating. (Don’t believe me? Listen to his single ‘Drugs‘).

So my Repeat Rotation Video today is Eden’s ‘Gravity‘, a track from his gorgeous 2015 seven-track EP End Credits.

Because, as usual with Eden, ‘Gravity‘ is a song that has a stunning combination of heart-grabbing lyrics, crushing vocals and soul-encircling music.

Listen to Eden’s ‘Gravity‘ below. And, as usual with my Repeat Rotation Videos, with headphones on, playing it as loud as you possibly can and…dancing.

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