Listen to Editors’ ‘No Harm’ From ‘The Royals’, Beautiful But So Sad (Video)

editors no harm video

British rock band Editors‘ track ‘No Harm’ was featured on the E! TV series The Royals this week (Season 2, Episode 10 — “The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father’s Life‘). It’s a song that, on first listen, sounds ethereal and beautiful, and then you listen to the lyrics and it becomes quite sad — “I’ll boil easier than you, Crush my bones into glue, I’m a go-getter, The system’s in red, The room is inbred, I’m a go-getter”.

The song is from the band’s latest album In Dream, which was released last October, hitting the number 5 spot in the UK album charts, number 9 in the US, and number 1 in Belgium and the Netherlands, and receiving praise from critics.

This album too is much darker than Editors’ previous work but, in some respects, I like it even more. And I was already a huge fan of the band’s second album An End Has a Start (the trackSmokers Outside The Hospital Doors‘ is brilliant) and their fourth studio album The Weight of Your Love.

Their latest one, though, has an even richer, more mature sound to it, which I think is lovely. So, yes, Editors is still holding onto their place as one of my favorite indie rock bands of the last few years.

As for opportunities to see the perform live, if you’re in America, Editors will be in the US in February and March this year for five concerts in Boston, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and L.A. You can find out more about their short tour and check on ticket availability on the band’s official website.

Meanwhile, watch Editors’ official video for ‘No Harm‘ below. And, of course, grab their latest album In Dream. The whole thing really is gorgeous.


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