Listen to Edwin Starr’s ’25 Miles’ from The Bear S2 E3 as Sydney is visiting different restaurants around town

Episode 3 of The Bear, Season 2 features six stellar tracks on its soundtrack

Along with the other five superb songs on The Bear, Season 2, Episode 3 soundtrack this week, we also got the fabulous 1960s R&B soul hit ‘25 Miles‘ by Edwin Starr playing on the episode.

That track was heard extensively as Sydney, blown off by Carmy, wanders around the city visiting the owners of other restaurants and sampling their food.

It continues playing in the background as Sydney is telling different chefs and restaurant owners about the new location opening in May, and getting advice from some.

When was Edwin Starr’s ‘25 Miles‘ released?

Edwin Starr’s ‘25 Miles‘ originally came out in January, 1969 as the lead single from the soul/R&B singer’s sophomore album of the same name.

The track went on to become Starr’s biggest hit at that time, arriving in the Top 10 on both the Pop Charts and the R&B charts, as well as hitting #36 across the pond on the UK Singles chart.

25 Miles‘ also helped establish Starr on the Northen Soul scene in the United Kingdom, and thus caused him to become an almost household name in the country.

A country he felt so at home in he moved to and made his home, and the country he eventually died in at the age of just 61 in 2003.

The song also spawned several covers, including two separate ones from The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson.

Listen to Edwin Starr’s ‘25 Miles‘ from the new season of The Bear in the video and via the Spotify widget. The track has also seen some major success on Spotify, with almost 21 million streams so far.

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