Listen to Elias’s ‘No Deeper Can We Fall’ from Power Season 6, Episode 6. “Inside Man” — gorgeous

Swedish singer Elias’s ‘No Deeper Can We Fall‘ was featured on the new episode of Power last night — Power, Season 6, Episode 6, “Inside Man” (aired on September 29th, 2019).

It was played during the outro of the episode.

Elias’s ‘No Deeper We Can Fall‘ is from his 2018 debut album Entwined. An album that, while stunningly beautiful throughout, is quite angst-ridden and so can be a heavy listen for some.

‘No Deeper Can We Fall‘ is the standout track.

Elias, aka Elias Björn Sahlin, is one of eight other current artists with that moniker including a Swedish reggae band, so it does get a bit confusing when you try to figure out who released what.

The Elias that released ‘No Deeper Can We Fall‘, however, is an incredibly talented Swedish singer who started out singing in a gospel choir (hence those gorgeous vocals).

While still a teenager, he also discovered soul music and the work of FKA Twigs. A music genre and a singer that has inspired much of his newer work ever since.

As for ‘No Deeper Can We Fall‘, Elias explained why he wrote the song in a short video uploaded to a tweet back in 2018 (see below).

“When I wrote ‘No Deeper…’, I was at a good place in my life. I had just released my EP ‘Warcry‘. It felt like I was supposed to feel great, but I felt very empty inside. I had given away so much of my self. I didn’t really know what I wanted, where I was or who I was.

It was very confusing, as I was supposed to feel great. I tried to write about that”.

Along with his debut album, Elias currently has one EP out (the aforementioned Warcry), and a number of quite beautiful singles.

Listen to Elias’s ‘No Deeper We Can Fall‘ as featured on Power in the video below.

You can also hear his debut album Entwined in the Spotify widget below that.

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