Listen to Elliot Moss’ ’99’ from Elementary soundtrack, Season 7, Episode 2, “Gutshot”

Joan and Sherlock, Elementary Season 7

I always love the music on the hit crime procedural drama series Elementary soundtrack as so much of it is such intelligent songs. Tracks like Elliot Moss’ ’99’, which was featured on the Elementary soundtrack this week — Season 7, Episode 2, “Gutshot” (May 30th, 2019).

The song was played as Sherlock tells Joan to stay in New York while he remains in England. He then surrenders himself to the FBI.

Elliot Moss’ ‘99‘ is from the New York-based indie pop songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist’s 2017 studio album Boomerang, which was released on the Play It Again Sam record label.

And while Elliot Moss’s music would never be described as ‘upbeat’, it is such rich, mature indie pop, it is always a pleasure to listen to it.

Listen to Elliot Moss’ ‘99‘ as played on the Elementary soundtrack this week in the official music video for the song below.  A  music video that is just as somber as his music, but just as beautiful. And a music video that was filmed in Iceland, so it could have that gorgeous desolate feeling we often associate with that country.

You can also hear Moss’s album Boomerang in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that. Enjoy!

And for more intelligent music from Elementary, check out The Stone Roses’ ‘This Is The One, and Scars on 45’s ‘Troubadour. Both gorgeous tracks too.

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