Listen to Eluvium’s ‘The Motion Makes Me Last’ from Mr. Robot, Season 4, Episode 10

Eluvium’s ‘The Motion Makes Me Last‘ was featured on the latest episode of the USA Network’s thriller Mr. Robot last night — Mr. Robot, Season 4, Episode 10, “410 Gone” (aired on December 8th, 2019).


The song was heard on the episode as we see Dom telling Darlene she will not be going to Budapest.

Eluvium’s ‘The Motion Makes Me Last‘ is from his fifth studio album Similes, which was released in 2010 on the indie record label Temporary Residence Limited.

It was the first album with vocals by the Portland, Oregon based musician.

Eluvium is one of the monikers of Matthew Cooper, an ambient recording artist who also performs under various other names and music projects, including Matthew Robert Cooper, Martin Eden, Concert Silence, MRC/PRB, and Inventions.

In the past, as Eluvium, his music has also been featured on hit TV shows as diverse as Casual and Skins (UK).

The official music video for the somber ‘The Motion Makes Me Last‘ features shots of a grey, overcast sky, the underside of bridges and stark skyscrapers both under construction and complete.

Quite fitting for the tone of the song.

Listen to Eluvium’s ‘The Motion Makes Me Last‘ from Mr. Robot in that music video below. You can also hear the song on his album Similes in the Spotify player below that.

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Michelle Topham