Listen to Emily Rowed’s ‘Let Me Hurt’ (Acoustic) from Sweet Magnolias, Season 2, Ep. 1

Canadian singer songwriter Emily Rowed’s music was back on a hit Netflix series last night.

That series was Sweet Magnolias, Season 2, Episode 1, “Casseroles and Casualties“, and the song was Emily Rowed’s ‘Let Me Hurt’ (Acoustic).

The lovely song was played as Bill is in the hospital sitting in Kyle’s room.

Emily Rowed’s ‘Let Me Hurt‘ (Acoustic) is from her Crying in Cars album, which came out in 2021 via Tone Tree Music, Habitat Villa Records and 604 Records.

The album is her third album, and follows on from the singer’s 2019 album April, and her debut Electric Heart, which came out in 2017.

The song itself is a lovely ballad in which Rowed sings about needing to sink into the pain and accept it.

That way, she believes, she can eventually move on from it and become the strong person she knows she has the potential to be.

Just let me hurt a little longer
I’m in a war with no armour
Need to cry an ocean before I’m stronger
Just let me hurt a little longer

(song lyrics via Genius)

Listen to Emily Rowed’s ‘Let Me Hurt’ (Acoustic) from last night’s Sweet Magnolias on her Crying in Cars album and in the video.

The very popular second season is airing on Netflix. With the huge number of people continuing to watch the romantic drama, it is very likely we will get an announcement about a third season soon.

You can watch the second season of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix now.


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