Listen to Emily Wells’ ‘I’m No Heroine’ from Orange is the New Black, Season 7, Episode 6

Emily Wells' 'I'm No Heroine' from Orange is the New Black Season 7, Episode 6

American multi-instrumentalist and alternative and experimental music composer Emily Wells’ ‘I’m No Heroine‘ was featured on the new and final season of Orange is the New Black this week.

The track was played during the emotional closing scene of Episode 6 — Orange is the New Black, Season 7, Episode 6, “Trapped in an Elevator“.

Emily Wells’ ‘I’m No Heroine’ is from the Texas native’s 2017 seven-track studio album In The Hot. The album was her 10th studio album and was released on Wells’ own label Thesis & Imprint.

She has been recording and releasing her own music since she was 13 years old, and releasing songs on cassettes, which she sold in ‘limited edition’ numbers. Even now, over 25 years since she first began releasing her work, Wells still largely writes, performs, produces, and mixes her own tracks.

Listen to Emily Wells’ ‘I’m No Heroine‘ in the video below. Her distinctive voice, with its raw and heartbreaking emotion, and her gorgeous musical composition will grab you.

As one YouTube commentator said, “Whoever is finding these songs for OITNB is a genius at finding good music”.

I can’t say I disagree. Not when we get to hear tracks that are as high of a caliber, and as sad and beautiful as this one.

You can also hear Wells’ In The Hot album in full in the Spotify widget below that,  which includes gorgeous tracks like ‘Pack of Nobodies‘ and ‘In My Time of Dyin”. And, of course, keep up-to-date on Emily Wells’ current  goings-on, including upcoming releases and concert dates, at her website.

As for the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, the seventh and final season of that spectacularly popular show is now available to stream on Netflix worldwide for binge-watching.

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