Listen to Equador’s ‘Bones of Man’ from ‘Elementary’ (Video)


Listen to Equador’s ‘Bones of Man‘ from ‘Elementary

Equador’s ‘Bones of Man‘ was featured on the latest episode of the crime drama ‘Elementary‘ this week — Season 5, Episode 10, “Pick Your Poison“. It was heard during the montage scene when Joan leaves Ethan in the interrogation room, and when Shinwell gets home only to find Sherlock in his living room with a chess table.

Equador is duo Bo Bruce and Henry Binns, who met in 2013 while Bruce was creating her last album and Binns was producing it. A while later, they decided to work together and Equador was the eventual result.

Equador’s debut album was released in September this year on Pegdoll Records, and it includes the symbol ‘Bones of Man‘.

Listen to it below and, if you love it, you can grab the Bones of Man album on most major music sites.



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