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Listen To Evan Roman’s ‘Washington’ as Featured on ‘The Fosters’ – Beautiful

evan moran

Singer/songwriter Evan Roman’s ‘Washington‘ was featured on The Fosters last week (Season 3, Episode 8 – “Daughters“), and I particularly loved this track as Roman’s voice is so beautiful — all ethereal and lilting — and the song is lovely.

‘Washington‘ is from Roman’s 2013 six-track EP Lots of Love, which was partially funded by Kickstarter. Interestingly too, all six tracks are named after US states (Missouri, Hawaii, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado and California) — states Roman has lived in, and songs that she says hold the vibe of each state.

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As for Evan Roman, she’s a young singer/songwriter from LA who currently releases her music independently. She’s been working with rapper Macklemore for a long time, is incredibly talented, and really deserves having ‘Washington‘ featured on The Fosters. It’s such a pretty song.

Listen to ‘Washington‘ in the Deezer plug in below, and sign up for a free account if you want to hear the song in its entirety, as well as the rest of her fabulous EP. You can buy Lots of Love on iTunes.