Listen to Example’s ‘All Night’ from The Cleaning Lady, Season 1, Episode 3

Photo: Fox

British singer songwriter Example’s ‘All Night’ (Extended Club Version) was one of the tracks played on the new episode of the Fox series The Cleaning Lady last night — The Cleaning Lady, Season 1, Episode 3, “Legacy“.

The song was played during the scenes at Ben’s bachelor party.

It was still playing as Greg hits a dealer at the casino with a dart.

Example’s ‘All Night’ (Extended Club Version) is a cool, extremely dance-able disco track, not only because of its beat and addictive melody, but also because of that awesome British accent.

And, hell, I’m British myself, and I still love it.

The track was released as a standalone single in 2019 via AWAL Recordings.

Example is producer, singer, songwriter, musician and rapper Elliot John Gleave.

He got his start in the music business in the early 2000s, releasing music on his own record label, until he eventually came to the attention of BBC Radio 1.

Example then signed a record deal with The Beats record label, but it wasn’t until late 2009 when one of his songs — a single from his second album Won’t Go Quietly — hit the British charts.

Since then, his songs have hit the British charts again and again.

Listen to Example’s ‘All Night’ (Extended Club Version) as heard on yesterday’s The Cleaning Lady in both the video and on Spotify.

The first season of The Cleaning Lady is airing on Fox.


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