Listen to Explosions in the Sky’s ‘The Ecstatics’ from The Vampire Diaries


Texas-based post-rock band Explosions in the Sky’s ‘The Ecstatics‘ was featured on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries this week (18th November, 2016) — Season 8, Episode 5, “Coming Home Was a Mistake“.

The instrumental piece of music was heard during the final montage which started at Tyler’s memorial, continued on through the group going to a carnival and ended with Alaric writing to Elena.


The track is from Explosions in the Sky’s new album The Wilderness, which was released back in April. It was the band’s first non-soundtrack release for five years.

As for Explosions in the Sky, they have been around since 1999. Their music is almost all instrumental, and consists of mainly electric guitars and drums. They currently have seven studio albums out, a slew of soundtrack albums, and are well known for their music being featured in movies and on TV shows.

Their long list of credits includes the movies The Kite Runner, The Means War and Deepwater Horizon.

Listen to Explosions in the Sky’s ‘The Ecstatics‘ from The Vampire Diaries below. Quite powerful, isn’t it?


Michelle Topham