Listen to EZI’s ‘Afraid of the Dark’ from After We Collided soundtrack — it’s beautiful

American singer songwriter EZI’s ‘Afraid of the Dark‘ was one of the songs featured on the After We Collided soundtrack and, of course, now it’s getting a lot of attention.

Not surprising really as, regardless that it plays in this fan-favorite film, it really is a beautiful song, and EZI’s voice is lovely in it.

EZI’s ‘Afraid of the Dark’ was also a standout on the soundtrack as, not only does it have a catchy melody, but the track was the last song played in the film during the ending scene at the tattoo studio and then continuing over the end credits.

That means people leave the movie theater with that gorgeous sound still playing in their heads.

Afraid of the Dark‘ is the title track from EZI’s five-track debut EP, which was released in 2018 via the Best Monday Ever Records label and, if you love this type of quirky, sweet music (I do!), you will likely enjoy the entire EP.

The EP itself was very successful for EZI, netting her over 30 million streams on various platforms, and with the single ‘Dancing in the Room‘ making it to the #13 spot on Billboard’s U.S. Dance chart.

The EP even includes a cool cover of the iconic Berlin song ‘Take My Breath Away‘ (Top Gun, anyone?). (article continues below…)

As for EZI, aka Esther Zynn, she is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, actress who has not only acted in hit TV series like Atypical and The Other Kingdom, she has also carved out a songwriting career for herself writing songs for artists like DJ and producer Kaskade, EDM DJ Party Favor and singer Sabrina Claudio.

Listen to EZI’s ‘Afraid of the Dark‘ from After We Collided in the song’s official music video.

A video that has EZI sleeping in her room, while silver aliens appear from under her bed and start to examine everything she owns.

She wakes up and is soon dancing with them, proving she’s not really afraid of the dark at all. Not when she’s with them.

After We Collided opened in movie theaters and on-demand in the U.S. this weekend.



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