Listen to Ezra Furman’s ‘Lilac and Black’ from Sex Education S4 E1 as Ruby eats lunch alone

Ezra Furman’s ‘Lilac and Black‘ was that cool song playing in the first episode of the new season of the Netflix drama Sex Education as Ruby is in the canteen trying to get the girls to eat with her, and then goes into the toilets to eat alone.

The track plays on Sex Education, Season 4, Episode 1 around the 27 minute 50 second mark of the episode, and plays for about 30 seconds.

It is one of many songs Furman has had featured on the Sex Education soundtrack over the last four seasons, with the American alternative pop singer songwriter having two songs featured on the first episode of Season 4 alone.

When was Ezra Furman’s ‘Lilac and Black‘ released and on what album?

Furman’s ‘Lilac and Black‘ is the seventh track on the singer’s sixth studio album All of Us are Flames, which was released in August, 2022 via Anti.

Anti themselves have an interesting write-up on what the album is about, with Furman’s well-written ‘Lilac and Black‘ featuring powerful lyrics like those below as the indie singer kicks off this almost-revenge song:

We all escaped from somewhere else
To the cruel, cruel city where the asphalt melts
In the heat of our anger which finds no release
In the lab rat maze of ever-narrowing streets

It is also one of several songs on the album with a similar theme. 

So, if you like this one, you should give the other 11 tracks an album a listen as well.

Listen to Ezra Furman’s ‘Lilac and Black‘ as heard on the fourth and final season of Sex Education in the track’s lyric video, and on the singer’s All of Us are Flames album.

And yes, this season is the drama’s final one as Netflix has decided the drama has run its course, and so will not be renewing Sex Education for a fifth season.

With how the writing has devolved in the last couple of seasons, I can’t say I’m bothered.

You can hear more songs from this season of the drama, and others, on Leo Sigh.

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