Listen to Faith No More’s ‘Easy’ from Barracuda Queens, Ep 3 as Farshid leaves Margareta on the beach

The Faith No More cover of the classic pop soul song ‘Easy‘ was briefly played on the soundtrack of Barracuda Queens, Episode 3, “I Want More Money” this week as Farshid walks away from Margareta on the beach, and as the drama switches to some of the other couples.

The song is one of several now-classic 1990s songs featured on the show’s soundtrack.

A drama that, along with a fun premise about a group of teenage girls breaking into their neighbors’ houses and stealing stuff, also includes some damn good music.

Faith No More’s ‘Easy‘, of course, is a cover of the classic Commodores song that came out in 1977.

The American indie rock band decided to record a version of ‘Easy‘ after they had been playing the song towards the end of their concerts for a while. A version with a heavier drum beat and an added definitely metal guitar solo.

And a version that was detested by just about every metal fan that went to see them in concert.

So, of course, Faith No More just had to officially record the song and release it on an album for fans to hate even more.

Because why wouldn’t you?

The track went on to be the final single released from the band’s fourth studio album Angel Dust, which came out in 1992 on the Slash and Reprise lables.

The single became a surprise hit for the American band, hitting charts in 15 countries, making it to #3 on the UK Singles chart, to #1 in Australia and into the Top 5 in five other countries.

Listen to Faith No More’s cover of ‘Easy‘ as heard on Episode 3 of Barracuda Queens in the song’s music video, and on Spotify from their Angel Dust album.

The video has the band in a hotel room with a group of drag queens, cut with scenes of the band performing in concert.

You can also buy the band’s Angel Dust album in just about every music format including on vinyl via the usual online music sellers.

You can listen to some of the other fine tracks used on Barracuda Queens on Leo Sigh.


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