Listen to Fastball’s ‘Out of My Head’ from Ted Lasso S03 E03 as Colin gets up and gets dressed

American indie rock band Fastball’s ‘Out of My Head‘ was one of more than half a dozen songs played on this week’s episode of Ted Lasso today — Ted Lasso, Season 3, Episode 3, “4-5-1“.

The catchy rock ballad was played right at the beginning of the episode as Colin (Billy Harris) wakes up, gets dressed and heads downstairs where he talks to the guy he is sleeping with.

Yep, Ted Lasso has finally admitted what many fans guessed, Colin is gay.

Fastball’s ‘Out of My Head‘ came out in January, 1999 as the third album from the band’s second studio album All the Pain Money Can Buy.

The song went on to chart in Canada, Iceland, Australia and the United States.

It had its best results in America though where the song landed on four charts, including at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #3 on the Adult Top 40.

Even though the release of ‘Out of My Head‘ didn’t have much of an impact outside those four countries, it still went on to become one of Fastball’s most well-known songs.

The cool rock song has since garnered over 30 million plays on Spotify, and 1.7 million on YouTube for its official music video.

Listen to Fastball’s ‘Out of My Head‘ from the beginning of this week’s episode of Ted Lasso on the band’s All the Pain Money Can Buy album, and in the song’s video.

The latest season of the hit football drama is streaming on Apple TV.


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