Listen to Feist’s ‘I Feel It All’ from The Good Doctor, Season 2, Episode 7, “Hubert”

Listen to Feist’s ‘I Feel It All‘ — it’s a good mantra for life

Canadian indie pop singer songwriter Feist’s ‘I Feel It All‘ was featured on the new episode of the ABC medical drama The Good Doctor this week — Season 2, Episode 7, “Hubert”.

The song was played as Lea and Shaun decide to look for a pet, and eventually choose a goldfish.

‘I Feel It All‘ is the third single from Feist’s critically acclaimed third studio album The Reminder. An album that also garnered her five Grammy nominations.

It is a song that talks about the importance of feeling and appreciating everything in your life. Even the bad things.

The Good Doctor is not the first time the Feist song has been used on a TV series or movie either, as it has also been featured on the MTV series The Hills and the VH1 series The Fabulous Life of...  in the past. It was also heard in the movies The Last Song, This Movie Is Broken and The Women.

Feist has currently released five very successful albums with the latest, Pleasure, hitting shelves in 2017.

Listen to Feist’s ‘I Feel It All‘ from The Good Doctor in her official music video for the song below.

You can also hear The Reminder, the superb album it came from, in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

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