Listen to Findlay’s ‘Waste My Time’ from ‘Younger’ and remember what bad relationships are like

The English singer songwriter Findlay‘s dance track ‘Waste My Time‘ was played on last night’s episode of Younger this week — June 19th, 2018, Season 5, Episode 3, “The End of the Tour“.


It was the song heard as the opening credits played, and as we saw the montage of the city before us.

Findlay, aka Natalie Rose Findlay, released ‘Waste My Time‘ in January, 2017 as a single from her debut studio album Forgotten Pleasures. An album that was a while in the making after Findlay had problems with her first label, Polydor, and had to finally get out of her contract with them before being able to make the record she wanted to make with BMG.

The song came with an interesting music video featuring Findlay lying in a bath surrounded by flowers, hands clutched around her neck and alternately submerging and re-emerging out of the water.

A simple yet powerful video that illustrates how many of us feel about the garbage we have to go through before we meet the person we were meant to be with.

Listen to Findlay’s ‘Waste My Time‘ in that music video, or listen to the song in the Spotify widget below that.

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Michelle Topham

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