Listen to First Aid Kit’s ‘A Long Time Ago’ from Tiny Beautiful Things, Ep. 7 end credits

Swedish sister folk duo First Aid Kit’s ‘A Long Time Ago‘ was played on Tiny Beautiful Things, Episode 7 on Hulu this week — Tiny Beautiful Things, Episode 7, “Go“.

The track was heard right at the end of the episode as Danny tells Clare he wants to leave her.

The song continues over the episode’s end credits.

It is also an incredibly appropriate choice for that ending scene as the lyrics talk about realizing the person the singer loves is actually not the best person for them and, in some respects, probably never was:

I could’ve been
So many things
But it would never be enough for you
I was the on
You counted all
But I was never good one for you
Now I know
I lost you a long time ago

First Aid Kit’s ‘A Long Time Ago‘ came out in 2014 as the last track from the duo’s third studio album Stay Gold.

The hit album appeared on several critics’ lists as one of the best folk albums of the year, as well as charting very high up three American charts and on charts in 15 other countries.

It also cemented the Swedish duo’s almost cult-like following among its fans.

Listen to First Aid Kit’s ‘A Long Time Ago‘ from the Tiny Beautiful Things, Episode 7 end credits in the video.

You can also hear a snippet of it on the Spotify player, with the full version available on the streaming platform.

You can also hear more songs from the first season of Tiny Beautiful Things on Leo Sigh.


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