Listen to Fleurie’s ‘Hope Where Have You Gone?’ Live at the Smoakstack — Stunning


Nashville-based indie pop singer Fleurie has just released a video of a live performance of her single ‘Hope Where Have You Gone?’ and, God, it’s gorgeous. The track is from her sophomore EP Arrows, an EP that is just beyond stunning. Which leads me to the comment I always make about Fleurie. Why the hell isn’t she more well-known?

As for ‘Hope Where Have You Gone?‘, when it was first released Fleurie ((a.k.a Lauren Strahm) explained it to The Daily Listening this way —

“…this was written at probably the lowest point I can remember being at, emotionally. A lot was changing, in and around me. It was the end of my time at college in Sydney. I came home one day, walked to this piano we had in our garage, let my bag fall off my shoulder and just sat down at the piano, started playing and let this song fall out of me. Afterward I think I sobbed for a while.”

Now watch and listen to Fleurie’s live version of ‘Hope Where Have You Gone?‘ recorded at the Smoakstack in Nashville in the video below. Isn’t that and she just stunning?

You can pick up her EP Arrows, including ‘Hope Where Have You Gone?‘ on most major music sites.

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