Listen to Fleurie’s ‘Hurts Like Hell’ from ‘Containment’ — Pain-Filled and Sad

Hurts like Hell Fleurie

If you heard the music at the end of Containment on May 31st, 2016 — Season 1, Episode 7 — “Inferno” — you heard Fleurie‘s ‘Hurts Like Hell‘, a song that is a stunningly beautiful piano-driven piece with a haunting melody and such pain-filled vocals it will probably make you cry.

The song was also used on the soundtrack of MTV’s Scream.

As for Fleurie, she is 26-year-old Nashville based singer songwriter Lauren Strahm, known for her ethereal voice and her stunningly sad songs.

She has released two EPs over the last few years. The last, Arrows, was released in September, 2015.

Listen to Fleurie’s ‘Hurts Like Hell‘ in the video below.