Listen to Flint Eastwood’s ‘Find What You’re Looking For’ from ‘Teen Wolf’ — Lovely


Detroit-based singer songwriter Flint Eastwood’s track ‘Find What You’re Looking For‘ was featured on the latest episode of ‘Teen Wolf‘ this week — Season 6, Episode 2, “Superposition“.

The track was heard when Lydia was drawn to a particular locker in the hallway.

Flint Eastwood’s ‘Find What You’re Looking For‘ is the first single from her five-track EP Small Victories, which was released in 2015.

As for Eastwood herself, her real name is Jax Anderson.

She is a musician who grew up in Detroit at the height of its fall into the economic abyss.

The singer has lived and created music in a small town in Georgia and in Los Angeles, but returned to Detroit to get back to her Motown roots, and where she recorded Small Victories with its mix of Motown sound and pop.

As for Flint Eastwood’s ‘Find What You’re Looking For‘, Jax Anderson’s mother died and, in dealing with the loss, she wrote this song.

It is how she interprets her mother’s last words to her. “Don’t let this break you”.

Listen to ‘Find What You’re Looking For‘ in the official video below. It is lovely.


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