Listen to Flora Cash’s ‘You’re Somebody Else’ (Acoustic) from The Good Doctor, Season 3, Episode 2

Swedish-American indie pop duo Flora Cash’s ‘You’re Somebody Else’ (Acoustic) was featured on the new episode of The Good Doctor this week — The Good Doctor, Season 3, Episode 2, “Debts“.

The song was played as Audrey and Neil make up after their argument, Claire tells her mother she can stay with her and as Shaun and Carly’s date consists of the pair hanging out over a bag of potato chips.

Flora Cash’s ‘You’re Somebody Else’ (Acoustic) is originally from the duo’s debut album Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine). The version of the album that was released on the indie label Icons Creating Evil Art.

When the album was re-released on RCA Records, however, it was without ‘You’re Somebody Else’ (Acoustic).

Soon after, though, the song was used in a TV commercial in Mexico and it went viral.

The track currently has more than 30 million plays on Spotify. The lyrics video for the song has almost 56 million views on YouTube (watch that video below).

As for Flora Cash, aka Swede Shpresa Lleshaj and American Cole Randall, the pair met after messaging each other on Soundcloud about their respective music.

They eventually discovered they could collaborate and create new music they both loved, Randall moved to Sweden, and Flora Cash was born.

Listen to Flora Cash’s ‘You’re Somebody Else’ (Acoustic) as featured on The Good Doctor in the video below.

Learn more about the pop duo on their website.

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