Listen to Foreign Air’s ‘Free Animal’ from Deception, an anthem for the young, cool and beautiful

Listen to Foreign Air’s ‘Free Animal‘ from Deception

Indie music duo Foreign Air’s debut song ‘Free Animal‘ showed up on the newest episode of the ABC crime series Deception last night — Season 1, Episode 6, “Black Art“. It was heard at the end of the episode, as Jonathan breaks the cipher and figures out the mystery woman’s next target.

Free Animal‘ was released in 2015, and attracted the attention of quite a few folks in the entertainment industry as it has previously been played on MTV’s Scream, in the trailer for the Teton Gravity Research film Rogue Elements, and in the Freeform drama series Famous In Love.

It was even licensed by Nike for a national advertising campaign.

Not surprisingly really as ‘Free Animal’ is one of those anthem type songs the young, cool and beautiful love to listen to so much.

As for Foreign Air, aka Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen, they are surprisingly still unsigned, yet that hasn’t seemed to stop them getting some pretty cool gigs.

The duo have recently opened for The Strumbellas at a couple of concerts, and will be the supporting act for Bishop Briggs during her concert tour in the latter half of May.

Listen to Foreign Air’s ‘Free Animal‘ in the video below.

And, if you want to know what some of their musical influences might be, check out their Inspiration play list on Spotify.

It is a massive collection of all European music, including tracks from Serge Gainsbourg (Charlotte‘s dad), Brigitte Bardot, German experimental rock band CAN and French electronic music duo Air.

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