Listen to Foy Vance’s ‘Be The Song’ from Walker, Season 2, Ep. 17 “Torn”

Photo: Rebecca Brennerman/The CW

Irish singer songwriter Foy Vance’s ‘Be The Song‘ was played on this week’s episode of Walker last night — Walker, Season 2, Episode 17, “Torn”.

The song was played as Walker is saying goodbye to Twyla.

Foy Vance’s ‘Be The Song‘ is the first song on the singer’s five-track EP Melrose, which came out via the Communion Records label in 2012.

The music on the EP was also the film score for the Northern Irish film The Shore.

The lyrics of the sweet and mellow song talk about how the singer promises to always be the support of the person he loves.

In good times, in bad and even in times when she feels like there is no way out.

All without expecting to be given anything in return.

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The song itself seems to have struck a chord in the hearts of many TV show supervisors, as it has been licensed for play on shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation, Star-Crossed, Twisted, The Vampire Diaries, Private Practice, Arrow and House M.D.

Listen to Foy Vance’s ‘Be The Song‘ as heard on last night’s Walker, and revel in its sweetness, in the video and on his Melrose EP below.

Vance also performed a gorgeous live acoustic version of the song you will find down there as well.


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