Listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s’ ‘The Power of Love’ from All of Us Strangers end credits

Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love‘ is the first of several superb songs played on the gay romance film All of Us Strangers, which was recently released via Amazon Prime Video.

The song was played as Adam is sitting in a darkened room working on his laptop, and the doorbell rings.

He gets up and answers the door to see his drunk neighbor Harry.

The song is heard again in that utterly gorgeous ending scene as Adam and Harry are in bed cuddling, and as Adam says to Harry “I’ll protect you from the hooded claw. Keep the vampires from your door” — two of the lyrics from the song.

The Power of Love’ then plays over the end credits.

When was Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love’ released?

The British pop band Frankie Goes to Hollywood released the song as the third single from their debut studio album Welcome to the Pleasuredome way back in 1984.

Along with the songs ‘Two Tribes‘ and ‘Relax’, it was one of three single hits the indie pop band had in 1984, making them one of the most successful and most well-known bands of the year.

The Power of Love‘ made it to #1 on the UK Singles chart, and would likely have been there much longer if Band Aid’s iconic Do They Know It’s Christmas? didn’t suddenly take over the entire music world.

Even So, Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love‘ also climbed high up charts in 15 other countries, also ranking at #1 in Iceland, #2 in Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland, and #3 in Italy.

The song has since gone on to be one of several signature songs for the still-in-existence-today band.

Interestingly too, due to several Jesus-based themes on the song’s video and on the album cover, and because it came out in early December, ‘The Power of Love‘ is sometimes considered a Christmas song.

Even though it’s not.

Listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘The Power of Love‘ from All of Us Strangers in the song’s official music video featuring the Jesus images, and via their Welcome to the Pleasuredome album on Spotify.

All of Us Strangers is now streaming via Hulu.

It is a film that is full of surprises and wonderful performances, looks closely at one man’s intense lifelong loneliness, while tearing your heart, but also features some of the most beautiful moments I have seen on film in quite a while.


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