Listen to Gary Numan’s ‘Bed of Thorns’ from ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and then Join His Album Pledge Campaign

The new sci-fi action film Ghost in the Shell was released today and, apparently, it’s not just a kick ass action movie, it has some pretty kick ass music on its soundtrack as well.

Music like the iconic British electronic rock singer songwriter Gary Numan‘s ‘Bed of Thorns‘. A brand new song from Numan’s upcoming new album Savage, which is due to be released on the BMG label in August.

Savage will be his 22nd album, and an album that is currently part of a pledge campaign Numan is running to help fund the album.

Listen to ‘Bed of Thorns‘ below. It is classic Gary Numan, and seems like a perfect fit for Ghost in the Shell to me.

Then offer a pledge to help him release his upcoming album.

And, of course, you can buy Bed of Thorns on all major music sites.


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