Listen to Gaz Coombes’ ‘Slow Motion Life’ from Dear Edward, Season 1 Episode 9

British singer, songwriter and musician Gaz Coombes’ ‘Slow Motion Life‘ was played on Dear Edward this week — Dear Edward, Season 1, Episode 9, “Paper Covers Rock“.

Gaz Coombes’ ‘Slow Motion Life‘ came out in 2018 on his World’s Strongest Man album, which was released on the Hot Fruit record label and charted in the UK, Belgium and France.

It was the singer’s third studio album, and one that received positive reviews from most music critics, some of whom called it a “mature” album.

Coombes himself is the lead singer of the now-defunct band Supergrass, but has been releasing solo music since 2011 when he released his debut album Here Come the Bombs.

Since then, there have been three more full-length Gaz Coombes’ albums, two EPs and more than a dozen singles.

Listen to Gaz Coombes’ ‘Slow Motion Life‘ as heard on Dear Edward on the singer’s third studio album World’s Strongest Man album, and in the video.


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