Listen to Gemma Hayes’ ‘Wicked Game’ from ‘Younger’ — So Pretty


The Gemma Hayes track ‘Wicked Game‘ was featured on the latest episode of ‘Younger‘ this week — Season 3, Episode 11, “A Book Fair To Remember“. It was played during the montage when Josh sees Charles and Liza kissing, when Liza then tells Charles that she has unresolved issues with Josh and so this is not a good idea, and when she sees Josh’s proposal.

Gemma Hayes’ ‘Wicked Game‘, of course, is a cover of a song originally released by Chris Isaak back in 1989 on his album Heart Shaped World. It became hugely popular when it was featured in the movie Wild At Heart.

The way Gemma sings it, however, is much ‘softer’ than the Isaak’s version and less ‘rock’, which I love.

Listen to Gemma Hayes’ version of ‘Wicked Game‘ in the video below. It really is very pretty.


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