Listen to Gesaffelstein’s ‘Hate or Glory’ from John Wick: Chapter 4’s shootout with Chidi’s men

Movie goers to John Wick: Chapter 4 this weekend are not only talking about the explosive action in the film, with some calling the Keanu Reeves-headed film “the best action movie in years”, they are also raving about some of the music used on its soundtrack.

In particular the pounding electro-industrial track played during the shootout between John Wick and Chidi’s men.

That track, with its massively raw and repetitive beat that just goes on and on and on is Gesaffelstein’s ‘Hate or Glory‘. A track released by the French producer and DJ back in October, 2013 for his debut studio album Aleph.

It was the second promotional single released from the album, and was critically well-received.

Fans went crazy about ‘Hate or Glory‘, however, when the song’s music video came out as, not only did it seem to exemplify the feel of the instrumental piece perfectly, it also featured as Gesaffelstein called it a “violent and greed-filled” story that added even more layers to the track’s sound.


Directed by Fleur and Manu (Skrillex and M83), the video begins with two African American gang members arguing, with the older one telling the younger one to “stop being disrespectful”.

The argument ends with the young man shooting the older man in the head and stealing his gold chains.

We then see the man involved in violent crime after violent crime, until he melts down a bath of gold so he can bathe in it.

It ends with the man at a party as his face begins to disintegrate (well, that’s what bathing in gold will do for you), and finishes with him being shot by other gang members so that he explodes into a cloud of tiny gold pieces.

Moral of the story?

Don’t be so greedy and so disrespectful of others you destroy yourself, as those around you couldn’t care less. They will just take advantage of you when you are at your lowest point. And then you will be destroyed.

Listen to Gesaffelstein’s ‘Hate or Glory‘ from the John Wick: Chapter 4 shootout scenes in that music video, and on Gesaffelstein’s Aleph album. It’s a helluva banger.

John Wick: Chapter 4 released in the UK on March 6th, and in the U.S. on Friday, and is showing in movie theaters all over the country. Check out the explosive movie trailer below.


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