Listen to Glenn Morris’s ‘I’ll Pretend’ from Outer Range, Season 1, Episode 2, “The Land”

The new Amazon Prime Video neo-wester series Outer Range premiered on the streaming platform yesterday.

Along with the mystery and intrigue, the sci-fi series came with some interesting music on its soundtrack.

Music like country singer songwriter Glenn Morris’s ‘I’ll Pretend‘, which was played on Outer Range, Season 1, Episode 2, “The Land” this week as Maria (Isabel Arraiza) congratulates Rhett (Lewis Pullman) on his bull riding competition performance.

Glenn Morris’s ‘I’ll Pretend‘ was one of the singer’s first single releases, coming out in 1957 on the now defunct Liberty Bell Records label.

It as a song by a singer that, if you are honest with yourself, you are probably not familiar with even if you have heard the track before.

That is because tragically for Morris, just three months after ‘I’ll Pretend‘ was released, the singer was killed in a car accident.┬áThus, cutting short what was likely to be a promising career.

In the last few years, though, ‘I’ll Pretend‘ has appeared on the soundtracks of several series including Preacher and What We Are. I will bet Morris would have been pleased.

Listen to Glenn Morris’s ‘I’ll Pretend‘ as heard on Outer Range this week in the YouTube video below.

It is one of the few places left where his music is still being preserved.

As for Outer Range, the series began streaming on Amazon Prime yesterday and, so far, the premise of the show is fascinating.


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