Listen to Goat’s ‘Let It Burn’ from Mayfair Witches, Season 1, Episode 7 – a cool, hypnotic rock track

Swedish alternative rock band Goat’s ‘Let It Burn‘ was that cool rock track playing over the end credits of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches last night — Mayfair Witches‘, Season 1, Episode 7, “Tessa“.

The track was released by the Swedish band in May, 2018 via UK record label Rocket Recordings as a two-sided single with the song ‘Friday, Pt. 1‘ on the other side.

Along with its feature on this week’s Mayfair Witches, ‘Let It Burn‘ was also played on the third season of the Amazon series The Grand Tour, just in case the rock track sounds familiar to you.

The band itself is, apparently, from a tiny Swedish town called Korpilombolo, although their backstory reads more like a fairy tale than reality.

An official date for its founding has not been released but Goat was founded prior to 2012, as that is when their first album was released.

Goat and its members, however, are quite mysterious as they perform in masks and are very secretive about the band members’ identity, so much of what you read about them is probably not reality.

Still, they do produce some very cool experimental rock music so… whatever.

Listen to Goat’s ‘Let It Burn‘ from Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches on the Spotify player and in the music video.

It starts off with a reference to the iconic Gävle Goat, which people keep illegally burning down every year.

You can also hear more of Goat’s music via their Spotify account.

Mayfair Witches, of course, is currently airing on AMC.


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