Listen to Gold Brother’s ‘Back From The Fire’ from Grey’s Anatomy,”What I Did For Love”

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Seattle-based indie singer songwriter Gold Brother’s ‘Back From The Fire‘ was played on the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode this week — Season 15, Episode 23, “What I Did For Love” —  a crossover episode with the firefighter drama Station 19, and just two episodes away from the season finale.

Back From The Fire‘ sounds very similar to a spiritual song, and was heard during the show as Meredith tells her patient’s father not to worry about the cost, as Jo figures out she has made a mistake, as Meredith gets ready for the surgery and as Richard asks what is wrong with Ellis.

Gold Brother’s ‘Back From The Fire‘ was released in 2017, and is one of six singles the singer has released so far on his own record label — Gold Brother Records.

With a second song, ‘Part of Me‘, also being featured on the just released movie The Last Summer this week, 2019 is already looking like it could be a very good year for him.

It is not the first time ‘Back From The Fire‘ has been used on a TV show either, as the cool track was chosen a couple of years back as the theme song for the popular six-part UK drama Fearless.

Listen to Gold Brother’s ‘Back From The Fire’ in the Spotify widget below. The rest of his work can also be heard on Spotify.

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