Listen to Gordi’s ‘Heaven I Know’ from The Walking Dead, Season 10, Episode 4

Australian folktronica singer songwriter Gordi’s ‘Heaven I Know‘ was played on the latest episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday night — The Walking Dead, Season 10, Episode 4, “Silence The Whisperers“.

The track was played both during the opening of the show and during the end credits.

Gordi’s ‘Heaven I Know‘ is from Gordi’s debut studio album Reservoir. It was created in both Iceland and the United States, and then released in August, 2017 via the indie label Jagjaguwar.

After release, Reservoir hit the #20 position on the Aussie album chart, and spawned three singles including ‘Heaven I Know‘.

Watch the official music video for the gorgeous ‘Heaven I Know‘ below.

It features Gordi singing into the camera, while the video is interspersed with various shots of old black and white film footage.

You can also hear the Aussie singer’s album Reservoir, which includes ‘Heaven I Know‘, in the Spotify widget below that.

As for The Walking Dead, it was announced earlier this month that the long-running post-apocalyptic horror show has been renewed for an 11th season.

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