Listen to Grace VanderWaal’s ‘Clearly’ from Next Gen and watch her powerful music video

The Grace VanderWaal song ‘Clearly‘ was featured on the just released Netflix animated movie Next Gen. The song was played over the end credits.


VanderWaal’s ‘Clearly‘, of course, is a cover of Johnny Nash’s 1972 classic song, and VanderWaal’s interpretation of it is really quite cool.

Because the emotionally powerful music video has the 14-year-old singer songwriter in a dim room putting make up on her face, and then wiping it off in disgust.

She then heads downstairs, through the house and out of the door and into the sunlight.

Behind her, members of a gospel choir appear in every window of the house and sing along with her as she sings about it suddenly being “a bright, bright sunshiny day”.

Listen to the album version of Grace VanderWaal’s ‘Clearly‘ as featured on Next Gen in the Spotify widget below.

You can watch VanderWaal’s official music video for ‘Clearly‘ below that.

Grace WanderWaal’s ‘Beautiful Thing’ is a lovely tribute to her sister