Listen to Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘Paranoid’ from Fargo S5 Ep 2 as Dorothy and daughter make traps

American rock band Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘Paranoid‘ was the song playing on Fargo, Season 5, Episode 2, “The Tragedy of the Commons” as Dorothy and her daughter, Scotty, are taking plugs and wiring apart, smashing light bulbs and making traps in case someone tries to break in.


Scotty, of course, who in reality is just as odd as her seemingly normal housewife mother, loves every minute of it and even asks “Can we do my room next?”

No, Dorothy isn’t paranoid in the slightest, as they really are out to get her, which is why the lyrics of Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘Paranoid‘ are so tongue-in-cheekly perfect:

Someone is waiting just outside the door
To take you away, yeah
Everybody knows just what he’s there for
To take you away, yeah

Like most of the songs used on the latest season of Fargo, we also get to hear and enjoy a huge chunk of it.

Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘Paranoid

The hard rock track was released by Grand Funk Railroad in December, 1969 as one of the tracks from the band’s second studio album Grand Funk.

An album that is usually known as The Red Album due to the color of its cover, and that went on to climb to the #11 position on the Billboard 200 chart in the U.S., as well as ranked high on charts in Canada and Australia.

It came out less than four months after the band released their debut album, and became the first album the band created that went on to be certified Gold.

Listen to Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘Paranoid‘ as heard on Fargo in the video, and via the remastered version of the band’s second album via Spotify.

The latest season of Fargo stars Juno Temple, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Rysdahl, Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, and Richa Moorjani.

The black comedy drama is now streaming on Hulu, with new episodes coming out every Tuesday.

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Michelle Topham