Listen To Greg Laswell’s ‘Dodged A Bullet’ From The Blacklist — A Modern Catchy Waltz

greg laswell everyone thinks

Greg Laswell‘s ‘Dodged A Bullet‘ was featured on The Blacklist last month (May 19th, 2016 Season 3, Episode 23 — “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion“) and, ever since I saw the episode I’ve had that song stuck in my head.

Because Laswell’s ‘Dodged A Bullet‘ is a modern day waltz with a catchy chorus that, even though it’s a break-up song, it still seems light-hearted and sweet.

Maybe that’s because of the lyrics of the chorus? — “Everyone thinks I dodged a bullet, but I think I shot the gun” — because, yep, many of us have found ourselves in that situation. And finally given ourselves that last push we needed to get ourselves out of it.

Greg Laswell’s ‘Dodged A Bullet‘ is from his latest album the 10-track Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet. Listen to it below. It is addictive.

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