Listen To Groenland’s ‘Immune’ Featured on Killjoys – Such a Beautiful Song (Video)

groenland immune

Montreal’s orchestral indie pop band Groenland’s song ‘Immune’ was featured on Killjoys on Friday night (Season 1, Episode 7 – “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye”) and, frankly, it’s far better than the actual episode deserved. So good, in fact, I’ve had ‘Immune‘ on repeat for the last hour as it’s just so pretty.

As for Groenland, their name means ‘Greenland’, they released their debut album in 2013 (the amazing The Chase, which you can grab on iTunes), and they’ve just finished a very successful tour of Europe.

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Their music has already been featured in The Good Wife and now, with ‘Immune’ onĀ Killjoys, they’re widening their audience even more.

Watch Groenland’s official video for ‘Immune‘ below. Isn’t that amazing, and isn’t lead vocal’s singerĀ Sabrina Halde’s voice just incredible?

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