Listen to HARDY’s ‘Truck Bed’ from Fire Country, S1 E16 – a cool rock song with funny lyrics

Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS

American indie country pop rock singer songwriter HARDY’s ‘Truck Bed‘ was one of the songs playing on the new episode of Fire Country last night — Fire Country, Season 1, Episode 16, “My Kinda Leader“.

The song is played as Jack is telling Collin about how he set fire to his bedroom when he was in fifth grade.

HARDY’s ‘Truck Bed‘ is one of the rock-influenced tracks on his second studio album The Mockingbird & the Crow.

The album came out in January this year on the Big Loud record label.

The Mockingbird & the Crow, which features both rock and country music influenced tracks, was a big hit for the Mississippi native, hitting #1 on an astounding four charts in the U.S, and #4 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The album also charted high in Canada and Australia.

HARDY’s ‘Truck Bed‘ is an upbeat, foot-tapping rock song with a helluva guitar and some pretty funny lyrics:

She said don’t come home if you go to the bar
I said okay baby then got drunk out in the yard
2am I knock knock knocked up on the door
But she never unlock locked it guess I don’t live there no more

You can listen to HARDY’s ‘Truck Bed‘ as heard on Fire Country in the song’s official lyric video, and on his new album The Mockingbird & the Crow.

You can also learn more about HARDY via the singer’s website.

Meanwhile, the first season of Fire Country is airing on CBS.


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