Listen to Helene Smith’s ‘You Got to Do Your Share’ from Dexter: New Blood, Episode 7

As Dexter: New Blood moves quickly to its likely strange conclusion, last night’s episode featured yet more superb music on its soundtrack.

Music like American soul singer Helene Smith’s ‘You Got to Do Your Share’, which was released in 1964, and heard on Dexter: New Blood, Episode 7, “Skin of Her Teeth” as Dexter is getting coffee at the truck stop.

Helene Smith’s ‘You Got to Do Your Share’ is one of a number of songs the Miami-based soul singer recorded in the early to late 1960s.

Songs that were released on Blue Star Records and on her eventual husband’s black-owned indie record label Deep City label.

Smith even released Deep City Records only full-length album, but then waned in popularity as the 1970s hit.

The singer made a short comeback in the early-1970s, but then sadly faded from view. She eventually became a teacher, while her husband Johnny Pearsall owned a record store.

Listen to Helene Smith’s ‘You Got to Do Your Share‘ as heard on last night’s Dexter: New Blood down below. The song is a gorgeous example of classic 1960s pop soul music, and still a banger today.

With three more episodes left to go in the mini series, Dexter: New Blood is currently airing on Showtime.


Michelle Topham