Listen to Ivory Circle’s ‘Fading Out’ from Charmed, Season 1, Episode 5, “Other Women”

Listen to Ivory Circle’s ‘Fading Out‘ 

Denver-based indie band Ivory Circle’s ‘Fading Out‘ was featured on the new episode of Charmed this week — Season 1, Episode 5, “Other Women“.

It was heard at the end of the episode as Mel tells Niko how much she loves her, and then as Macy and Meggie perform the spell to erase their life together.

The song ‘Fading Out’ is from Ivory Circle’s 2018 five-track EP Scalene. The EP is the third in the band’s Triangle series, with Equilateral and Isosceles released previously.

As for Ivory Circle, the band is made up of lead vocalist Connie Hong, producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Beeble and Rob Spradling on drums/ percussion.

The trio has been releasing music together since 2013 and, if you are in Denver on December 15th, you will find them next in concert at Globe Hall.

Listen to Ivory Circle’s ‘Fading Out‘ from Charmed in the video below. You can also hear their EP Scalene in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

Learn more about Ivory Circle on the band’s website.

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