Listen to Jack White’s ‘I Guess I Should Go to Sleep’ from Still Up, S1 Ep1 end credits

Indie rock musician Jack White’s ‘I Guess I Should Go To Sleep‘ was featured on the soundtrack of the first episode of the British comedy Still Up this week — Still Up, Season 1, Episode 1, “The Pharmacy“.

The song was played over the end credits., and was an incredibly appropriate song for the new Apple TV Plus series, considering it is all about sleeping — or the lack thereof.

The series itself stars Antonia Thomas and Craig Roberts as two insomniacs, Lisa and Danny, who get to know each other, and then pass away the many nightime hours where they cannot sleep by talking to each other.

Even if they have not yet met.

When was Jack White’s ‘I Guess I Should Go to Sleep‘ released?

The song itself was one of the tracks on the American rock singer’s debut studio album Blunderbuss, which came out in April, 2012 on the Third Man, XL and Columbia record labels.

The album is a mishmash of rock, blues and country songs, with ‘I Guess I Should Go to Sleep‘ one of the standouts of the album.

Even though the cool track was never released as one of the album’s four singles.

The album itself was a big success for White, who had spent more than the last decade as half of the duo the White Stripes, but then decided he would like to see what he could achieve with a solo career.

Blunderbuss went on to receive largely positive critiques from music critics, as well as charting at #1 in the United States on both the Billboard 200 and the Top Rock Albums chart.

The album also ranked high up charts in more than 20 countries, including the world’s second most-important music market, the United Kingdom, where it hit #1 on the UK Albums chart.

So well-thought of was Blunderbuss by music critics, the album and several songs on it were eventually nominated for several Grammy Awards.

Listen to Jack White’s ‘I Guess I Should Go to Sleep‘ as heard over the end credits of the first season of Still Up this week on both the singer’s debut studio album and in the video, and you will easily hear why.

The first four episodes of the new Apple TV Plus series Still Up are now available for streaming via the popular entertainment platform.


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