Listen to Jacob Banks ‘Chainsmoking’ from ‘Lucifer’ Season 3, Episode 4 “What Would Lucifer Do?”

Listen to Jacob Banks’ ‘Chainsmoking‘ from Lucifer

British soul singer and songwriter Jacob Bank’s song ‘Chainsmoking‘ was featured on the latest episode of Lucifer last night — Season 3, Episode 4, “What Would Lucifer Do?”

The song was heard at the beginning of the episode, as Lucifer and Lexy are in bed and then the husband returns.

Chainsmoking‘ itself is an interesting song, as it begins as more of a rich, emotional slave spiritual and then transcends into a more modern offering. But with a powerful anthemic feel to it.

According to Banks, the track is about life being hard, and how we just have to have the strength to push through it to get to the better things on the other side.

Chainsmoking‘ is from Jacob Banks’ recently released EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom. An EP that includes four other tracks with a similar atmosphere to them. You can pick it up at any of the major music sites.

Watch the music video for ‘Chainsmoking‘ below. And, if you like it, be sure to also watch the other music video Jacob Banks has released recently. They all tell stories, and they all share incredibly important messages.

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